CREATION is a research and extension group linked to the Department of Production Engineering (DEP), to the Graduate Program in Production Engineering (PEP) and the Graduate Program in Petroleum Engineering and Science (PPGC) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN).

With the premise of being multidisciplinary, CREATION is composed of professors, students and researchers from different training areas and titles, composed of members of the undergraduate (scientific initiation), master’s and doctorate degrees. Even with this premise, research and actions are developed in several areas of knowledge.

Created in 2010, the group’s goal is to develop creative ideas and apply them to the development of new products and processes, focusing on the needs of society.


Creation today has two rooms for studies and meetings located at the Production Engineering Research Core (NUPEP). Creation also has the support of the rooms and laboratories of the Department of Production Engineering. The rooms are equipped with computers, printers, 3D printer, microscope, videoconferencing device, projector and all the office equipment needed for research.

Areas of expertise

The creation works in several areas of knowledge, and today, its main focus is the research in renewable energies, mainly related to offshore wind energy. In addition, the group also researches the areas of

  • Creativity and Innovation;
  • Logistic and Value Chain;
  • Process Optimization;
  • Making-decision Models;
  • Renewable Energies (Solar Power/Onshore and Offshore Wind Power/Green Hydrogen);
  • Power-to-X Projects;
  • Decommissioning of Fixed Oil Platforms.


Generate and disseminate knowledge on Product and Process Innovation in Renewable Energies with multidisciplinary practice.


To be recognized as a group of global research and excellence in the themes of Creativity and Innovation of Sustainable Products and Processes focused on Renewable Energies.

  • Respect and practice the multidisciplinarity of knowledge;
  • Do not measure efforts;
  • Valuing experience as well as new knowledge.